Simple Ways to light up your plants

5 October 2016


Plants play such essential part of making our outdoor environment a beautiful escape. While the atmosphere of the garden awakens our senses during the day, at night it can lose its magic if your garden does not have landscape lighting. Here are few tips that will help your garden come to life at night. Lighting up your garden plants the “right way” is important to creating the right soothing atmosphere. Follow these simple tips and you will see garden in a different light at night!


It is a great way to light up your plants. Moonlight sounds so cool in a way and we can use it to a great advantage. Moonlight can be a charade to make your plants look wonderful and charming. Well, you might be asking how do we do it? Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. Add an illuminating source high above your garden so they can shine down through your plants or trees. The light passing from the plants would create adorable patterns and create a romantic aura.


It is an illustrated outline and is intended to represent to shape of an object. It produces a similar appearance which is produced when the object being viewed is situated in darkness with brighter lighting behind it. Well, the beautiful thing is we can use it with our plants and make them appear more beautiful. But make sure to place the lighting source at a right distance to produce extraordinary effects.


This method is nothing but placing a light source under a tall tree. Position it in such a way that the leaves of the tall tree create wonderful effects. Leaves of the tree will now attract everyone and also make your garden look better than before. This method works with taller trees. In fact, the tree should almost be 6 meters high or more.


It is yet another method to light up your plants. Under this method, we place source under the plant and position it upwards i.e; the light is focused upwards. Plants are lightened up from upwards and the light is illuminated from the bottom. It looks like a celestial event when the effects create an astounding effect.
These few methods can help with your lighting design. The right lighting can make the plants in your garden look magical, and alter the mood. If you need any assistance on outdoor lighting, then you can contact us. Our team at Perth Garden Lights would always be ready to help you 04 78 745 524.