5 Landscape Lighting Advice

26 May 2016


5 Landscape Lighting Advice – Perth Garden Lights

Design and installation of outdoor lighting for your landscape can serve as the crowning touch on any home or commercial space.  A proper landscape lighting design can enhance the look of your garden, and enable owners to use their outdoor space at all hours for family gathering, garden parties, and relaxing in the cool evening.  Many home owners may not be aware of just how essential a role that outdoor lighting (garden lighting) can play in both safety and style of their home.  Perth Garden Lights will outline 5 expert tips for outdoor lighting that will help accomplish both goals.

LED Landscape Lighting

Design and Layout

Before purchasing any garden lighting fittings, it is important to make a detailed plan layout to ensure that the light fixtures will both highlight the features and complement of your garden and landscaping.  Highlight areas that is to be lit, both in the daytime and at night to determine where illumination is needed for aesthetics and security/safety of your intended space.

DIY landscape lighting

Power Source

Garden and exterior lights can be powered either by solar power or electricity.  Perth Garden Lights recommends using electricity due to the flexibility and reliability it offers to your lighting design and ideas.  However, both options offer a wide variety of styles and fixture types, including bollards that be bolted or spiked into the ground, spike lights that put place into your garden, step or deck lights that can illuminate walk way, spotlights that light up feature area, and pool led lights.

LED Light Transformer

Outdoor Light for Safety

Perth Garden lights recommends considering safety when planning for your landscape lighting design.  Consider lighting up steps, entrances, pathways, and pathways to avoid accident at night especially the elderly, children, and first-time visitors from falling on their way around your yard into the house.   Nothing can ruin a lovely evening like an unexpected trip to the hospital.

LED Pathway Lights Safety and Security

Choose Outdoor Light Fittings

Perth Garden Lights recommends to invest into purchasing led light fittings that are good material with a long longevity.  Sometime purchasing the cheapest light fitting from your local Bunnings can create more cost in the long run when the fitting deteriorates within a year and need to be replaced.  When you consider the time and effort required to pull out the wires out to replace the fittings, it’s not worth it.  Do some research on the light fitting company and ensure that they offer a minimum of 12-months warranty on their products.   When selecting a fitting, things to look for are beam angle, temperature rating, material selection, voltage and current requirement.  The fitting specification will determine the power source required for your lighting project.

LED Lighting Fitting advice

Outdoor Light Installation

Outdoor lighting installation can dangerous when working with electricity.  Getting help or advice about proper installation is crucial.  Solar powered fixtures carry less risk, but it is still important to follow the directions.  Calling lighting professional can minimize these issues.  We recommend to run 12V system in your garden and backyard to reduce dangerous shock in an event you cut the wire while gardening.  This can be done by installation LED driver or transformer (depending on the fitting).  Also plan for voltage drop, and if your fitting requires constant voltage or constant current.    Ensure that direct burial splices are waterproof and correct wire size is selected to handle the current in the system.  These complexities can confuse the most experienced DIY, and therefore it’s important consult an expert so that the landscape lighting project will be successful.  Perth Garden Lights consultants are here to help, call us today 04 78 745 524

LED Light Installation


A carefully designed outdoor lighting can improve and beautified any home and garden.  With the right expert advice and well design, any outdoor living space can be transformed into an inviting area that can be utilise all time of day for casual family gathering or nice outdoor evening with friends.    Safety is just as important to style, therefore make sure to incorporate this element in the design.  When it comes to installation get an expert advice and follow the fitting instructions.  We hope this “5 Landscape Lighting Expert Advice” will help with your lighting project.