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About Us

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Perth Garden Lights was born from technical expertise and a passion for re-creating outdoor living spaces. We know how important outdoor living is to the Australian lifestyle and understand that your home is an important asset and a sanctuary for family, friends and relaxation.

Upon observing hundreds of beautifully landscaped homes that were clearly designed for appreciation from all angles, we wondered why so few of the homes in Perth’s suburban streets are being showcased to their full potential.

Affordability and the availability of a superior, reliable outdoor lighting service are the main culprits.

Whether you live in a modern new build, a Mediterranean coastal home or a humble classic for your suburb, outdoor living and garden lights will bring value to your home and change the way you interact with your space.

Our vision is to bring the suburban streets of Perth’s beautiful landscape in focus so that each of our clients can be the envy of the street. A vision such as ours can only be achieved through professional, accountable service that’s suitable for your budget.

Perth Garden Lights will bring light to your ideas, delivering tangible results good enough to live in, night after night! Our service is superior, not only for its livability and aesthetic appeal, but because we deliver projects on time and in on budget. Perth Garden Lights provides sustainable ideas with LED garden light technology for a cost effective solution for your home.

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PGL operates under Outdoor Lighting Solutions Pty Ltd.

Our Team


Project Manager

The Co-founder of PGL with 11 years of engineering experience in design and projects. Ali’s passion for creative design and re-creating outdoor spaces pushed him to start up PGL.”It has been such a great journey to bring together the creative bunch (PGL Team) and deliver unique projects that change the way people experience their outdoor environment”.


Architecture & Lighting Designer

Marianna is an Architect and lighting designer with over five years experience in the trade. Marianna has completed large and small scale projects including residential and commercial lightings solutions. Her recent work has been the lighting design of a shopping centre and public areas.  Marianna also has experience transforming restaurants & bars with her lighting designs.  Her skill set includes AutoCad, 3Ds Max, Archicad and illustrations using  Adobe Photoshop.


Electrician Team Lead

Liam leads our electrical installation group to ensure projects are on time and on budget. He has extensive experience in lighting installation in the residential and commercial sector. “We offer a professional service with a high standard of workmanship”. Liam works closely with our lighting architects/designers to come up with “out of box” solutions that offer customers cost savings and functional designs.


Landscape Specialist

Sarah Brings an abundance of knowledge when it comes to landscape architecture, With 6 years of experience designing beautiful landscapes such as urban parks, private and commercial gardens, Sarah can provide feedback and support on all our large scale projects.